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Date: 1/10/2009
We were invited to this home which had several claims of paranromal activity. There were reports of the basement door opening and closing by itself,  the dog being afraid to go into the basement, seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye, as well as a supposed apparition that one of the children was communicating with in one of the upstairs bedrooms. 
We had no activity during the investigation in the bedroom.  We did EMF readings in the bedroom and found no significant EMF.  We did however find that the basement had extremely high EMF which can cause feelings of nausea and paranoia.  Upon going upstairs to the main floor, we found that these high levels of EMF were coming through the floor. 
We did have some activity that we could not find a natural cause for.  Upon entering the basement, we had the temperature drop from 69.4 degrees to 10 degrees and jump rapidly back up to 69.  We tried to recreate this temperature change with no luck.  Then as another team was investigating the basement and doing EVP work, they sat the digital recorder down on the dryer.  The dryer was not on at the time.  At this time, they were moving around the room asking questions and when their backs were turned, the recorder fell over.  One of our investigators walked over to the recorder and tried shaking the dryer, blowing it over, and even pushing on it with no luck  of knocking it over.  During review of the evidence, we found one EVP that we cannot find a natural explanation for.  On the recording you will here the sound we cannot explain.  Then our investigator Tony saw a wire moving in the corner and asked Tim if he hit the wire.  To us the EVP sounds female and the only female was 2 floors away in an upstairs bedroom.  The EVP can be found below.

Basement EVP 1-10-2009