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Requesting An Investigation
Do you feel your home has paranormal activity and would like to request an investigation?  If so, contact us. 
ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE FREE OF CHARGE! We do accept donations to help cover the cost of equipment, batteries, etc. While donations are accepted, they are not required.
What to expect after an investigation has been requested:
1.  A team member will contact you.
2.  After speaking with a team member, a questionnaire will be sent to you to be filled out.
3.  You will receive info on what to expect from our investigations as well as our team's protocols.
4.  We will schedule a prelimary visit to your home.
5.  An investigation will be scheduled.
What to expect after an investigation:
Our team will stay in contact with you through the whole process.  After the investigation, we will review all evidence. You will receive all copies of all positive photos, videos, and evps we collect.  You will also receive a printed copy of the investigation report.

To Request an Investigation, please fill out the form below.

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Zip code:
Reason for Request

Ghost Central Paranormal Society has the right to refuse any investigation we feel is not legitimate.