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Absolutely NO use of drugs or alcohol before or during an investigation or meeting. Aside from being completely unprofessional, it impairs your senses. If anyone shows up under the influence, they will not be investigating, and they will be banned from GCPS.

No smoking at investigations. This can cause false positive photos.

NEVER go anywhere alone. I cannot state this enough. Always investigate in a team of two or more. The safety of the group is very important. We should always arrive and leave together as well.

NEVER trespass! We will never investigate anywhere we do not have permission. This means cemeteries, abandoned houses, etc.

Respect clients’ homes. Do not touch their belongings. We are responsible if we break anything!

Anyone caught stealing, vandalizing, or damaging property will be immediately removed from the investigation and banned from the group. We will also contact local law enforcement. This type of behavior will not be tolerated by GCPS.

Pay attention to the equipment. If you are taking pictures, make sure you are aware of where the camera strap is.

If you have long hair it needs to be tied back.

Be on time. The clients have made arrangements for us to be there. We need to be there when we say we will.

Pay close attention to your health. No one knows how you feel better than you. If you feel sick let someone know so we deal the situation.

Pay close attention to your surroundings. We are after all running around in the dark. Pay attention to furniture, rugs, cords, etc. If you do happen to get injured we will have first aid.

Document EVERYTHING you feel, see, register on the equipment, etc. No matter how insignificant you feel it may be, document it.

No cell phones ringing during an investigation. Cell phones are important for safety reasons. If you have your cell phones, please put them on silent.

Do not whisper. Talking out loud will not scare the ghost. Whispering can taint EVP work.

No pictures should be taken in rain, snow, etc. Any pictures taken during these times will be discarded.

Do not wear cologne, perfume or anything else with a strong smell during an investigation. There have been claims of smells made my ghosts. You will not be able to smell anything, if you yourself are creating a strong scent.