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Brandy Neice
Founder of Ghost Central/Lead Investigator/Webmaster
Occupation: By day I am an administrative assistant for a telemarketing company.
What got you interested in paranormal research?
I have been interested in the paranormal field since I was young.  I remember watching Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings with my parents and being scared out of my mind.  My dad has always been interested in the unexplained, Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, you name it, be was interested in it.  I guess that interest transferred over to me.  During my high school years is when my interest really progressed.  Since I had been going to school, I had heard stories of my school being haunted.  One evening I was doing some research on the internet and stumbled across a website.  There was a story on there about haunted Hoosier schools.  As I was reading, I realized that it was my school.  From that point on I have been doing paranormal research.  My dad was the head of Indiana Bigfoot Society.  He had his desk which was "Bigfoot Headquarters" and I had my desk which was "Ghost Central".  Now you know where the name Ghost Central Paranormal Society came from.  After my teenage years, I have had several personal experiences that keep my interest fueled at all times.  
Other Intersests:  I am interested in such a variety of different things.  First off, I have quite a passion for animals, especially my 3 cats.  I love the outdoors and anything that goes along with it.  I am interested in meteorology and I am a trained weather spotter.  I also love oldies music