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Tim Cecil
Tech Manager/Investigator

Age: 26

What got you interested in paranormal research?                          

When I realized that some of the Paranormal research groups out there weren't just a bunch of nuts saying,"OOh, and orb! It's a ghost!!!".When I actually saw groups trying to debunk stuff, I got totally interested.

Any Personal Experience?                                                                   

Ok. I'll try to make it quick, but pay extra attention to the important details.

A group from my old haunt went to Waverly Hills September 9th, last year. I was looking forward to it, But I was staying very skeptical.

First, we went down the Body Chute. They challenged us to go all the way down without a flashlight. I immediately started walking. No sounds, or anything on the way down. It was kinda quick. As soon as I made it down I hollered back up and they shined a light to let me know to come back up. On my way back up, I got tripped by some of the old conveyor equipment. But it wasn't there when I was on my way down. I went to move it, but it was too heavy for me to lift. BUT IT WASN'T THERE ON MY WAY DOWN!!!

Ok, but I still shrugged that off. It wasn't until our last leg of the tour when the worst and best and worst again happened.

It was the fourth floor, which most know that floor as the Shadow floor(Cause of all the Shadow people on that floor). This was where I was most skeptical cause I feel that there really weren't any on there, It was just our eyes adjusting to the darkness. The guides were asking for volunteers to walk down the halls by themselves about 30 feet and turn around and let the others watch the shadows pass around them. I, of coarse, Volunteered.

I walked down 40 feet from the group. As I turned around, I saw everybody. But, suddenly, My legs felt numb. I didn't say anything, but I hear my group say, "Look his legs just disappeared."

The next thing was that I got dizzy, and everything went black. As that Happened, I heard the group say that I had totally disappeared. One of the guides started to shout, but I didn't hear it anymore. I was really dizzy, And I felt like a hand was inside my chest squeezing my innards.

I started to fal back, When I stopped. I was caught. And I say this cause I could actually feel a hand on my chest and my back. And in my right ear I hear plain as day, "I got ya, Timmy" and I came back to my feet.

As my head cleared and I regained my vision, I am told, "Go back to your friends, now."

I yell out forget this!, and I make my way back down the hall, coughing and wheezing. As soon as i got back to the group, The guide made me sit down. They asked me what happened, and I explained it to them as I just did to you.

They had told me that I had encountered "Big Black" or "Linebacker", It was their biggest Shadow creature. they told me that anyone he has ever engulfed, would pass out and have to be carried out. They wanted to know what kept me from going out, and I couldn't say anything, cause I was still sorting things out in my head.

As we got up, the main guide said, "You got hit by Linebacker, and you didn't fall. We're amazed." He then turned me around and said, "And so are they". As we looked down the hall, the hallway was totally clear. But I could see little shadowy heads poking out of the doorways. They were amazed.

As I made my way out of the house, I came to realize what the voice was talking to me. And I cried. I sobbed. I was blubbering all the way to the car.

The voice I heard was my late grandfather's. Clear as day. He saved me from being taken out by the linebacker. the last time I had seen him alive, was when I was 6. I was crying for many reasons. Not out of fear.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is what I believe, cause I experienced it first hand. and other people try to tell me that it was all in my mind. but if that was true, then no one else would have seen me disappear. believe me or not, but it won't change me.

And I'm planning round 2 with linebacker, soon.

Other Interests: I like to work on Videos. I am also a Proffesional wrestler. I also am a Professional Haunted house boogeyman. I like Magic the Gathering, and I am a craftsman of anything.